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Low reception centerpieces

Alexis's wedding reception centerpiece from $35.00

 Ally's reception centerpiece from $25.00

Ella & Cris reception centerpiece/ from $25.00

Flowers on the table create focus and beauty that both essential. Because your guests will be sitting at their tables during much of your reception, your centerpieces are one of the most crucial floral elements of your wedding.

Aru & Endy wedding reception low silver bow  centerpiece /from $45.00

Cecile & Nick's wedding reception centerpiece/ from $35.00

Karen & Terry eucalyptus writhe/ from $10.00

Lindsey & Nicolas budvase maze/ from $5.00 each (budvases war supplied by the bride) 

Heading 5

Katie & Ashley reception centerpiece in a glass cube container/ from $ 35.00

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